Benefits & Features

Squeegee Page is a DIY (do it yourself) web page builder. Designed for everyday people who want to have their own website for a fraction of the cost of hiring a web designer.

Here are some great benefits:
  1. Knowledge of HTML not necessary.

  2. Never pay a web developer again!

  3. Hosted on your own web server. You own it!

  4. Use your own domain name.

  5. Your own domain email address.

  6. You have full control. Make changes to your site whenever you want.

  7. Your own back-end. CMS controlled, meaning you can create and edit pages in a snap with an easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what your get) editor.

  8. Showcase "any" picture as the entire background of your site. This enables you to be creative and show the world who you are and what you do just by using an image.

  9. Customizable - choose your wallpaper, background color, body width, alignment, body color, transparency, font type (over 600 Google fonts), font colors etc...

  10. Embedd photo, video and email subscription codes etc...

  11. Add a simple photo gallery. Just upload your photos.

  12. Internal image hosting. Images sit on your own server.

  13. Add a contact button on the left / right side of the page.

  14. Add social media icons. Just type in your social sites url.

  15. Add your Google Analytics code.

  16. Easily remove Squeegee Page branding.

Most people need a web presence. Looking for a new job? Showcasing your creative work? Selling a service or a product? Networking?

Having your own piece of real estate online is important and Squeegee Page is the easiest way to get your own personal website online. And it's easy to use!

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